Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Things I Hate Continued

Listing all the things I hate is actually really fun.

short camis
camis with lace at the bottom
hot topic
watered down juice
new jersey shore
ghetto kids
the new mtv
discovery health channel
the cheese inside raviolli
mozerella sticks
tacos amywhere but home
special k cereal
jeans that don't fit right
concieted ugly girls
shows like 7th heaven where you can hear their clothes krinkle everytime they move
bathing suits that fall down
the basic blue on aim font
really bad comercials
dirty hardwood floors
dusty rugs
people they call their significant other boo
girls with all those we live it yoru jealous admit it stuff in their myspace
5678 pictures of yourself on facebook
feeling full
laying in bed about to fall asleep and then you have to go to the bathroom
people who sleep naked, thats just discusting
girls who curse alot
girls who wear the same clothes everyday
or the same style
rockyroad ice cream
when you get sand in your sun tan lotion
wet seal AGAIN
broke nchristmas lights
cheep looking christmas lights that flash
inflatable snowmen on your front lawn
fake plastic deer on your front lawn
slutty halloween costumes unless you bought them
cold floors
cold bath water
little dogs
the chronicals of narnia
people who throw dirty undewear on the floor in a pile, that's dicusting
non matching furniture
screen names like this: monniccaaaa...mellissaa....oh snap it's brittany...yessss kellys on
little heels, it's either heel or no heel, no inbetween, hence the name HIGHHEEL
cheep sparkly dresses

Ohkay well I'm going to go eat some cheerio's now =].

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