Saturday, February 23, 2008

Things I've Never Done

I relized this morning that there's so many thing's I've never done in my life. I mean I know I'm only 14 but still.

scored two goals in a soccer game
been on railroad tracks
had taco bell
eaten pie
dumped someone for good
gotten fake nails
had sushi
broken a bone
gotten stritches

It's like I'm deprived or something. People's lives have been so adventurous. But I'm not going to break a bone andget stitches to be cool. Or get cheap fake nails. Or eat taco bell for that matter. But there's alot of stuff I want to do.

walk on railroad tracks
cliff jumping
bungee jumping
sky diving
sit on top of a moving train playing cards
be on top of a skyscraper in new york city
get married
go snowboarding or skiing
go sledding down a mountain
go on an extreme rollercoaster and lift my arms up
dye my hair
have an office
live in new york city
stay out in new york city from sunset to sunrise

Hopefully I'll do all of that before I die

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