Sunday, February 17, 2008

Things I Hate

Time to vent.

brass nuckles
wet seal
mac computers
the new aim
skinny jeans on big thighed girls
family guy
hannah montana
high school musical
lime green
leggings worn with beaders and skater sneakers
drawn on converse
boring blogs
black nails
myspace whores
dyed black hair
short uggs
black choker necklaces
girls who party in freshmen year
girls who act like boys
sticky perfume
cats, not kittens
fall ouy boy's imagine
two faced people
self centered boys
being cold
short hair on girls, unless of course your halle berry, or however you spell her name
when your typing something to someone and you get imed
people who do these smilies, :] -_- -_o O_o ^_^
people who say lol
people who say lolz
thin bangs
almond chocolate
people touching my teeth
music obsessed people
stupid myspace bullitens
unstraightend striaght hair
fake uggs
icons based on broken hearts
obnoxious font
people who don't call back
poorly pulled off styles
poorly highlighted hair

Ohkay I'm done for now. Thank you for listening.

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