Friday, February 1, 2008


I haven't written in this for a while now. Well it's Friday now and we don't have school which is really cool. Nobody saw it coming but me, since my Global teacher was like the roads are going to be icey so it gave me inspiration to check the website and wahhlahh, no school. Today Laura is coming over today and were ridding my room of pointless things, like my lipstick glitter lamp for example. I want to redo my room really bad because I did it at like age 11 when I was going through my awkward stage of "I'm not a girl, not yet a woman." Well anyway, the walls are pink, the sheets are pink, the pillows, the lamps and get the point. But I want everything to be dim lighting, soothing colors and candles. Bascially so I can just relax without hot pink staring me in the face. I'm excited, and I have so much stuff I don't want anymore my room's probably going to be like empty. But that's a good thinh theh because I can go shopping for new accesories, new lighting, new sheets, new pillows and new clothes, YAY. Everything will hopefully be finished by summer, so I can enjoy the results. Auh, I can't wait. She should be here soon. Then I'm probably going to Stephen's later tonight or something. I miss him alot, but I was just there last night, but oh well. He might come over for the superbowl. I'm really happy about that. And on Monday I have a dentist appointment where they decide "final extraction" which means either I get them off Monday or like 4 weeks from then. But I'm pretty sure I have to miss piano lessons, gay. But that's alright, cause that mozart song I was learing I'm getting really good at. I'm probably going to go play that now. AND I got my guitar hero controller back from Stephen so I can play that too. Ahh, life is good.

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